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The AR System is an intelligent platform with interactivity, motivation for real-time monitoring of the body movements of the user during an exercise programme. It uses the state-of-the-art 3D body tracking technology to provide objective, accurate and comprehensive data on movement range, response, time, accuracy, etc

Raymond Tong

Professor Tong, Chair Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Department of Biomedical Engineering, is the inventor of Augmented Reality Telerehabilitation Training System. He is dedicated to improving the lives of elderly individuals and patients worldwide through advanced rehabilitation technology. Professor Tong has received numerous prestigious medical awards for his contributions. In collaboration with the Hong Kong ohysiotherapists and occupational therapists, his team focuses on the well-being of the elderly and patients, developing innovative Augmented Reality Telerehabilitation Training System solutions to benefit a wider community.

System Applications

The research team developed AR Home, a home version of augmented reality, which allows patients to receive treatment while staying at home.

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AR centre
It is suitable for all types of rehabilitation or medical centers, eliminating the need for a therapist to be physically present, thus ensuring that patients receive proper and accurate training.

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  • 1. 35 Non-Governmental Organizations
  • 2. 61 Home Users
  • 3. Pain management centre: